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let’s breath again – by zoe rastegar

Redux Extra May 6, 2022
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Spring is approaching and air is already redolent with the smell of jasmine and narcissus. We at Redux Extra are delighted to express our best wishes to the Persian community for celebration of Nowrouz, the Persian new year, and to celebrate a fresh and happy spring for all.

We also find this new beginning a great opportunity to share the young history of Redux Extra and its new direction with more focus on art and humanities, supporting and elevating works of the artists in our community.

The vision of publishing a community magazine came to us in March 2020 while the portentous news of a vicious virus was a universal concern. Soon most of us became homebound and our lives practically went into seclusion within a new virtual world.

In the midst of the panic and chaos of a pandemic, when we were all trying to maintain sanity, the idea of a print publication was bold, daring and against all odds. But on the other side of the coin, we saw an opportunity to do something of value, a way to connect with our isolated community members, with a purpose to serve and to support by sharing a quality product. The more we focused through the lens of giving rather than gaining, the more our passion translated to a meaningful purpose and we became more resolute to turn our idea into action, in spite of all the uncertainties. We found the name Redux consistent with our mission, a comeback from exile, a revival to life and to breathe again. We added Extra believing in all the extra opportunities that were ahead of us. Since then, Redux Extra has been published as a quarterly magazine in the Washington metropolitan area, with a mission to connect, inform and to promote talents in our community.

In our competitive society, when consumers are inundated with a sales pitch, our purpose is not just to sell an item, but instead, we are trying to buy something valuable from you, and that is a few minutes of your precious time. And we can only make this transaction possible with one tangible currency, the magazine that you are holding in your hand, Redux Extra. If you have valued our efforts enough to appreciate the content and the quality, then we have sold you our idea and perhaps you are willing to support our efforts.

We still have a long way to go to measure up to our goals and to realize our vision, but there is no doubt, we need your partnership to accomplish our best in serving the community.

We are committed to showcase and to elevate creativity by integrating all forms of art from visual, literary and performing arts all the way to the 21st century digital artistic innovations.

Once again, we wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2022, and an added warm happy new year message to the Iranian community who are celebrating Persian new year or Nowrouz on the 20th of March every year. An ancient and revered tradition not only for the beginning of another year, but celebrating spring, a time for the rejuvenation of earth and a new life as well as reminder of a glorious past when those leaders treated the world with pride, humility and respect.

Redux Extra Inc, is a non- profit 510c3 organization. We look forward to your participations, Support and suggestions. From all of us at Redux Extra, happy Persian New Year and welcome to spring.

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