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let’s meet maria gabriela mizes, the art cognoscenti

Redux Extra August 26, 2021
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“You can look at a picture for a week and never think of it again. You can also look at the picture for
a second and think of it all your life.” Joan Miró

María Gabriela Mizes is a multitalented,
multicultural, and multilingual visual art Au
Courant cognoscente whose sphere and scope
of work encompasses several major areas of art
management, collection, inventory, and art advisory
for home and corporate design. Additionally, she
specializes in organizing and launching exhibitions
and traveling with art loans in the United States
and abroad. In essence, she is the embodiment
of promoting art and artists not only within the
community of the Washington metropolitan area
but also on a national and international scale.
Mizes was born and educated in Buenos Aires,
Argentina. She is grateful to her parents who
provided her with the opportunity to travel and
visit museums both in Europe and the United

She began her career studying at Sotheby’s,
London, for two years. She then pursued a degree
in art history at the University of Buenos Aires, but
she later transferred to Columbia University in New
York, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.
Mizes completed museum studies at the Instituto
Argentino de Museología in Argentina and is a
member of the International Council of Museums
(ICOM), the Association of Registrars and
Collections Specialists (ARCS), Art Table, Latinas 4
Latinas and CEDA Washington as well as an advisor
for the Washington Sculptors Group.

Mizes’ mission is to promote artists’ works within
a network of diverse artists, clients, and collectors
internationally. Her education, skills and her
fluency in English, Spanish, French and Italian have
been prized assets for becoming a maestra in the
field of artistic works.

Mizes’ observant eyes and receptiveness for
aesthetics, both traditional and contemporary,
enables her to procure art from a variety of
mediums such as painting, photography, sculpture
and even artist books both for private collections
or as investment.

One of Mizes’ expertise is collection development
and management, which has several components.
She creates records, policies, and procedures
as well as keeps track of inventories and object
locations and sales. Her accomplishments as an art
registrar are quite impressive.

Among her most notable accomplishments is her work at Glenstone
Museum. For 14 years, she was director of registration
where she orchestrated the move of the museum’s post-World War II and
contemporary art collection into a new building.
She has also worked with the Smithsonian Center
for Materials Research and Education in Maryland
on the exhibition Santos: Substance and Soul, with
the American Federation of Arts, and with MoMA
in New York as assistant curator of the traveling
exhibition Latin American Artists of the Twentieth
Century in the United States and abroad, among
many other institutions and private collections.

Mizes is now the Principal at GABY MIZES FINE
ART. As an art advisor, Mizes assesses her student’s
needs based on criteria, such as subject, medium,
budget, and value. She urges us to think about
purchasing art as a present for special occasions like
birthdays, graduations, wedding anniversaries—not
just as an investment or part of a collection. “This
way, people can always enjoy art and treasure it for
the rest of their lives,” Mizes said.

As a curator, Gabriela organizes exhibitions,
representing artists from the Washington
metropolitan area as well as from Latin America,
attracting new partnerships in mind. Her creativity
always makes her shows a memorable experience.
Her passion for curating and promoting
artists is a constant delight with devotion and
determination, which has resulted in her impressive
accomplishments throughout the years.

A few examples of such efforts are the following:
Connect 2018 Silent Art Auction & Benefit
organized by Latinas 4 Latinas in Washington,
D.C. and in 2019 her curating and development
of the collection of The Embassy of Argentina
in Washington, D.C, and acting as Juror of
Creative Expressions, exhibition organized by the
Montgomery Art Association (MAA), Maryland.

Mizes has also served as Juror and Curator of Artina
2020: LIGHT: A Sculptural Solar Dance, organized
by the Washington Sculptors Group at the Sandy
Spring Museum, Maryland, and is planning a
paintings’ exhibition for this Fall.
When it comes to home and corporate design,
Mizes has a selective approach.

“Your home should tell the story of who you are
and be a collection of what you love,” Nate Berkus
Mizes’ combination of passion, skills, and
professionalism fulfills a vision for quality and
authenticity for any kind of setting from private
homes to corporate offices, restaurants, hospitals,
hotels, and more.

In 1997, Mizes also founded Latin American ERA
(Exhibitions Registrarial Assistance) as the first
international service dedicated to museums,
galleries, collectors, and artists with special
interest in Latin American Art. Her initiative in
establishing LA ERA has been a great contribution
to the dissemination of Latin American art on
an international scale while also assisting Latinx
artists and art institutions.

Mizes is an Au Courant art curator, advisor, and
collections manager with a wealth of education
and experience for creativity and aesthetics. Her
unrelenting dedication to her profession and to
the artists and her accomplishments, especially
within the Washington metropolitan area, is
commendable and praiseworthy.

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