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Redux Extra August 26, 2021
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Summertime is fast approaching and outdoor activities are already becoming a social centerpiece, as the population around the country begins trading their warm winter wear for bathing suits and shorts. However, with lingering COVID-19 restrictions in many areas and soaring summer temperatures, getting outside for summer fitness could be limited, uncomfortable or even unsafe for some.

Always keep the basics in mind — eat plenty of unprocessed, whole foods to fuel physical activity; drink lots of water to counteract the drying effects of the seasonal heat; and finally, regularly reapply a high SPF sunblock to protect all exposed areas of skin. The following are some great ways to beat the heat while having fun in the sun.

Get Outside Early
Take advantage of cooler morning temperatures to get your outdoor activity in. If heading out solo, browse a weekend farmer’s market before too many shoppers arrive. If meeting a friend or two, grab an iced coffee and take a nice long walk or, even better, round up a group of friends and participate in a 5K for a good cause. The point here is — start your activities before the hottest part of the day.

Enjoy Summer’s Longer Days
In the summer, the sun sets later and gives way to longer days. So, why not skip the daytime crowds and go to the park in the evening instead? There is still plenty of sunlight after work hours, so head out after dinner when the courts and fields are less crowded. Get your sweat on right before ending your day and enjoy the sleep that follows.

Cool in the Pool
If the kids are wanting a mid-day distraction, but afternoon weather is prohibitive, slather on your sunblock, grab a protective rashguard and take a dip in the pool. This quintessential summertime activity of splashing around in a pool for a couple hours with the family is not only refreshing but it’s also fun, low-impact and a great heart-pumper. Laze around on a raft, practice swimming, race each other or set up some minimal equipment for water polo or volleyball. Though you are not likely to feel the heat, chlorine can be extra drying, so make drinking water a priority on these days, too.

Dine in the Shade
When it comes to essential summertime activities, picnics are as iconic as pool days. Pick a little shaded table in the park or set up a canopy on the beach, then unpack a picnic basket for a fun and unconventional meal or snack. Be sure to include must haves such as cold beverages, sandwiches, fruit and something indulgent — of course. Don’t forget the utensils and plates!

Be a Tourist for the Day
Fill up your day planner with visits to your city’s various museums and indoor attractions for the day. Schedule all of your appointments within walking distance, if possible, and walk to them. Try to space them out to allow plenty of time at each activity and to log significant steps. Pack some healthy snacks and cold water bottles to stay hydrated and fuel your big day out.

Most importantly, stay healthy and enjoy the wonderful summer months with friends and family!

By: Gigi Mokherjee

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