Most of us wouldn’t dream of going to the Olympics and racing on behalf of our native country. Virginia native Claire Colin’s weathered far more than that high feat; she endured training under the cloud of COVID, an injury in 2020 to her ribs…
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Every Fall I am reminded of my mother telling me how much she enjoyed autumn by stepping on dry, crisp, golden leaves making the bustling noise under her feet.
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The science of kindness comes from the Positive Psychology movement which began in 1998 headed by psychologist Martin Seligman.
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George Hemphill is thought of as the au courant art dealer in DC. His journey over 40 years, from teaching to the founding of a radical non-profit art organization
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The nature of life is not permanence, but flux,” Mr. Carson, the famously fastidious and traditional butler of Downton Abbey said with a hint of frustration…
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Judith HeartSong is an accomplished artist and a fierce advocate for the artists and their works in the community of the Washington metropolitan area.
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All too often our political leaders reduce this idea- that all human beings are connected to each other in a shared web of existence.
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Along the dusty roads of history, Queen Esther, is remembered as a former historical figure in the palace of Persepolis in ancient Susa.
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This summer, The United States began its tumultuous withdraw of troops from Afghanistan. There is plenty of uncertainty with respect
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Heroic women birth heroic sons. And what son could be considered more heroic than the legendary warrior, Rustam? A celebrated figure of the Shahnameh.