Redux Extra magazine is a non- profit 501c3 publication that is motivated by the idea of fostering art and artistic talent with the spirit of inclusion and diversity within the community of MD, VA and Washington, DC.

We are committed to showcase and elevate creativity by integrating all forms of art from visual, literary and performing arts all the way to the 215t century digital artistic innovations.

Our vision is to contribute to our artistic community by weaving all colors and textures into our cultural tapestry, promoting individual artistic expressions and community engagement.

We envision connecting with our readers, securing their trust and benefitting from their support through our shared values for a united community of talented artists as well as entrepreneurs, philanthropists and the game changers in the community.

Reader’s Opinions

At the time when life is on hold because the pandemic, seeing a new local magazine with quality and interesting contents coming to our homes is refreshing.

While online news could be confusing and contradictory, Redux Extra is providing us information with clarity from cultural and artistic events to local businesses activities. In this way, the magazine is not only supporting local events and businesses, but also is boosting our moral about livelihood of our region in this pandemic era.

Zoe Rastegar has been always active in the art and cultural scene of Washington, DC area. For many years, she provided a forum for the Iranian American generation through her media production “Accent”, introducing activists, artists, entrepreneurs and those, who made a difference in our diverse community.

I wish her and the Redux Extra team the best of success.

Sarah Saghar Barzmehri

Bravo, Zoe Rastegar, the Managing Editor and Abe Nejad, the Publisher
at Redux Extra for all your efforts and incredible insights, this magazine
is a gift to the community.

I am so impressed with their effort and their mission statement.
“Redux EXtra is a quarterly publication established as a gateway to the
future, a revival, a comeback celebrating and harnessing a new world
with a vision for a brighter tomorrow by heralding community

Their focus is about our community of talented entrepreneurs,
philanthropists, volunteers and the next generation game changers. This
is exactly what we need at this moment of time.
Please check them out!

Barbara Januszkiewicz

Dear Editor,
I enjoyed reading the Holiday issue of Redux Extra Community magazine tremendously. I am quite impressed with the quality and appearance of the magazine as well as the content.
I liked the editor’s letter to the readers and other contributors. They all seem to be quite seasoned and informed. In addition, I was impressed with low volume of advertisements and enlightened by the principles that the magazine stands by. I wish you continued success.

Guity B. Razavi

It’s great to have a new magazine in oumidst.

Creative articles with an eye towards the future is certainly an asset to our community.

Robin Rose

Enjoyed the Holiday issue.  Washingtonian magazine could take a page out of your
Contents page: nice intro!  There’s a number of articles that have no byline, but kudos
to, the writers.  I loved the Military Kids article.  The “Power of Lipstick” reviewed the
history of lipstick then brought us to COVID-19 and its impact on women’s daily
routines and the cosmetics industry.  Hopefully, it won’t last.


My compliments to Redux Extra publishers for beautifully put together a compilation of very
interesting and divers sets of articles relating to many aspects of our live, in an original and high
end magazine.

Lila Firouzfar

My sincerest congratulations on your excellent publication.

Redux Extra addresses a neglected void in the Washington metro area which you are filling admirably.
It is elegant both in its presentation and content and covers a variety of topics that are not only interesting
and helpful to your readers but also culturally inspiring.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two issues and am looking forward to the next one.
My best wishes for your continued success in your endeavors.

Adib Barsoum, MD, FACS

Dear Zoe thank you for your wonderful message in your magazine and also the great article on Sa’di. Congratulations on the Redux Extra magazine.

Sepehr Haddad

I only learned of Redux Extra magazine last Fall when my friend Zoe Rastegar told me about it.  When I saw the Winter 2020 issue, I was delighted! The “look” of the magazine is sleek and elegant.  The content is well-written and uplifting to the spirit, with stories about people from our own communities who are doing great things.

These regional publications are how we celebrate our communities and they are essential to the weave of our lives.  Unfortunately, we have lost so many of these voices during the last four years.  And yet,….here is Redux Extra!   It is an incredibly generous labor of love that the staff of Redux has undertaken.  Bravo!!!

May you have all the resources you need to keep up the great work!

Cynthia Word

Hi Abe.

I got the magazine today. Thank you so much! I’m honored for Caffe Amouri to have such an incredible article. Great mag! Very well put together and interesting.

Michael Amouri