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welcome to amazing autumn

Redux Extra October 10, 2021
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Welcome to Amazing Autumn

Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.” 

Every Fall I am reminded of my mother telling me how much she enjoyed autumn by stepping on dry, crisp, golden leaves making the bustling noise under her feet. She used to say, “as a child I danced happily with the leaves as they danced in the air on a windy day.  As an adult I became fascinated with the magic of nature.” 

Autumn always makes me contemplate the balance of the universe and teaches me to bring balance into my life.  The change of color in the leaves makes me aware of changes and challenges in life, and reminds me that nothing stays the same forever.  Autumn’s transition to another season not only teaches me to accept and adapt to life, but it also makes me observe the generosity and wonders of earth.  Indeed, autumn teaches us that life is a process of constant change and adaptation.  It reminds us that after a cold and barren winter there is promise of spring, and after a blazing hot summer, comes autumn when leaves dance artfully around us until gracefully descending on earth to enrich the soil for another rebirth in spring. 

The harvesting in autumn has a great lesson for humanity, “you reap what you sow.” It is the time to gather crops from the fields with celebrations and rituals unique to each culture around the world.  Just to name a few, in France, Nuit Blanche celebrates art and culture and in Germany Oktoberfest is celebrated with a beer festival. Mexicans honor their dead by celebrating Dia de Los Muertos and Jidai Matsuri is the festival of ages, celebrating periods of history.

In Persia, the Mehregan celebration is an ancient tradition honoring the harvesting season in the month of Mehr, the first month of autumn in the Persian calendar. In ancient times, the crops were sent to the king as a gift. 

In the United States, fall is represented in many ways, which includes our journey toward Thanksgiving.  The hallmark of Thanksgiving has a family component, which requires us to join, celebrate and to be thankful for the many wonders that this earth offers and that we can offer this earth.  So, as we approach this eventful and colorful season once again, I am reminded of my mother’s love for autumn and her words of wisdom and lessons of nature.  As we all are waiting to witness another amazing autumn, we at Redux Extra are joining you in these celebrations, wishing you all a beautiful and bountiful Thanksgiving.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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